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We build bespoke Garden Offices and Rooms from just


Available in a wide variety of styles and uses

From simple 'Garden rooms' to 'Independent living solutions', our fully insulated garden structures are very popular as lifestyle or office spaces and increasingly as living spaces.

Available in both modular and bespoke structures, they're fully customisable to suit your needs and complement your work or lifestyle. Fully insulated, rigid installations, complete with lighting, flooring and fixtures, these beautiful structures are suitable for a variety of uses. We’ll work with you to design a structure that’s unique to you and to your needs.

Fully customisable

Our basic structures are fully customisable. Want a feature window? No problem. Want a kitchen or perhaps some external decking? We’ve got that covered too. Whatever your specific requests are, we’ll tailor your garden structure to suit you and your needs. We can even attach it to your home as a bespoke extension if thats what you want. The choices are all yours. Speak to us about add ons, finishes and other choices.

Included as standard in our structures...

1. Solid foundation with damp proof membrane.
2. Fully insulated timber frame, built on site to maximise space and shape of garden.
3. External cladding in Cedar or Marley board which is a cement fibreboard that comes in a range of colours.
4. EPDM rubber roof single ply system, with guttering and downpipes to match.
5. 'A' rated windows and doors of your colour and choice.
6. All internal walls plaster boarded, plastered and decorated in choice of your colour.
7. Choice of laminate floorings with skirting boards and architraves.
8. Full electric package which includes consumer unit, down lights, sockets and heating.


You’ll pay what we quote, nothing more.

We don’t hide any prices. We’re upfront about our costs so you’ll know how much your garden structure will cost right from the start. Our cost are inclusive of all planning where needed and include 3D drawings of your new structure. No surprises, just straightforward design, schedule, planning and build. We'll be clear on what it will cost, how it will look and when it's ready to move in.


Built for Work

With more and more of us working from home, we're finding that home just isn't practical for the modern day needs of business and commerce. We've been helping people make the move from city office, to the garden office, for the past few years and we've designed and developed a range solutions for most needs. From the small office, to small business and from home baking to garden bakeries - We're here to help you realise your next step into the world of working from home. Whatever your business idea is, we'll help you make it happen.

Small Office

Small, practical and fit for your purpose. A simple structure to escape the noise and distraction that lies between your usual four walls. A quite space to think and create whatever's on your mind. A small garden office can offer you the space you need to make things happen. Safe and secure, fully insulated and ready for business. Enough room for you to do your thing and a space that works hard for you and your needs. These small offices are typically a basic build of 4 walls, Insulated, floored and heated. Lights, sockets and decorated, really for you to add whatever you need to get your work done.

From 9sqm to 20sqm

Small Office PLUS

When you need something a little bigger, add another room. It could be private space for a meeting room, or just a bit more space for room to grow into when the time is right for you. With a little more vision, it could be a workshop or whatever you'll need to grown into your next stage of working from home. Working together well plan and add a space that will offer you choice and opportunity to grow when the time is right. Making any growing pains, that little less painful.

From 20sqm to 30sqm


Workshops & Studios

Not everyone working from home needs to work with a desk and computer. You might be the next Coco Channel or the next James Dyson and need a space to invent your business. We can help you by creating a space that's purpose built for you and your dream business. Typically a bit bigger than an office, and sometimes with a requirement for storage and maybe some wet facility. (Everyone likes a cuppa when they're thinking) - A place you can truly think of as a self sufficient workspace. Share your vision with us and we'll share our experience with you.

From 20sqm to 30 sqm

Catering Units

A self sufficient workspace that conforms to health and safety requirements and offers enough elbowroom and equipment to make your culinary creations come to life. Whatever you're thinking about cooking up, together we'll be a recipe for success. We'll take care of any planning that's needed for cookers an ovens and make sure you have sufficient air, ventilation and storage. Leaving you to concentrate on those home cooked creations from the bottom of your garden.

From 20sqm to 30 sqm

Built for Play

Living your life the way you like to has never been easier. Entertaining with family and friends has moved from indoors to outdoors. Alfresco living is becoming more popular as people look to their garden space to extend their home. Summerhouses, Hot tub-haciendas and  Exercise and Dance studios, are just a few of the reasons our clients have been looking to their gardens as a great way of adding value to their homes. We've been building various types of structures to accommodate our clients lifestyles. If you'd like to spend a bit more time in your garden, get in touch and we'll drop round for a cuppa and some advice on getting started.

Corner Hot tub Hacienda

A place to relax and unwind or a place to entertain and have a fun - Corner structures have a multitude of uses. Shown here with hot tub you can appoint the space anyway you like. A great way to utilise a smaller space by only using one corner of your garden.


Corner Bar/Dining

Extend your living and lifestyle into your garden by adding a space to relax and entertain. Alfresco afternoons, evenings and weekend are now an affordable option. Adding value and style to your home while giving your choices and and the space to entertain. When you don't want to take up too much space in your garden, a corner structure is the perfect way to have your cake and eat it.


Corner Summerhouse

Summerhouses are by far and away the most popular use of a corner structure. A place to relax and unwind when you want to and a place that can be easily adapted to become the hottest place to be this summer. Fully insulated for those winter months you'll have a cosy place for you and yours.


Built for Living

They need to feel independent and you need to know they’re safe. It could be your teenage daughters first step towards independent living, or an alternative to a care home for an elderly relative. A place that they can call home and a place you can visit anytime you need to. They’ll feel independent and you’ll feel that you’ve done what you can to help. 

If you're thinking giving them a place they can call their own, think about us.
 We'll drop round for a cuppa and lay the foundations with you.

Garden Studio

A small, self contained dwelling that offers self sufficient living. An open plan living, sleeping and eating area with separate shower room and WC. Fully insulated, floored and decorated with a choice of Kitchen and Shower room options. A garden studio apartment offers a whole host of accommodation options - without breaking the bank.

From 20sqm

Garden Apartment

With a little more space and imagination, our garden apartment is a step up from our garden studio.
Keeping with an open plan living/eating area, the addition of a separate bedroom differentiates the studio from an apartment. Working with you and the space you have available, together we'll create the perfect apartment for you and your needs. Fully insulated, floored and decorated with a choice of Kitchen and Shower room options. A place for you and yours, family visitors, or extra income from AirB&B, Whatever the reason, we'll make sure you make the most out of your garden space now and in the future.   

From 24sqm

Garden Apartment Plus

If you've got the space, we've got the plans. We'll help you add value and flexibility to you garden space. Our Apartment Plus models are the perfect solution for a young couple or family taking their first steps into the housing market. Or the perfect place for an elderly relative to stay close in their autumn years. These Garden structure off all the home comforts of modern living, at a fraction of the cost of a new build from one of the national home builders.

Up to 40sqm


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