Just a few of the projects we've worked on recently. Our work covers the whole of the UK (and beyond). Working with clients who need anything from a new bathroom to a new home.


Everyone loves older properties. But sometimes they need brought up to date with utilities and supply. We handle everything from concept, through planning and onto completion... If you want us to. We have a deep understanding of what it takes to bring a restoration project home on time - and on budget. Adding value along the way and making sure you get the home your want, when you want it.


If you love the home you live in but not the space you have, then extend. We can help you get the space you need, without the expense of moving. On most extensions it’s possible to have the internal works completed, including decoration, before knocking through to the house. Cutting down on the time, mess and inconvenience associated with building an extension.


Garages, Lofts, Basements or Outbuildings - there are so many ways to convert your existing space into something new, or a place for extra income. We can help you understand what's possible and how best to go about converting your space. So whether you're thinking about a living room in the loft or a play room in the basement, with years of experience we'll work with you to make sure your conversion runs like clockwork - without anyone getting wound up.

Garden Structures

More and more people are turning to their garden space to add a second dimension to their home. Summer houses and offices are most popular and now with Air B&B, we're being asked to create a revenue stream in the garden. What used to be know as a 'granny flat' can now be the 'second income'. Have a look at what we do and if you're thinking about growing into your garden, give us a call.


We started out (many years ago) fitting kitchens and bathrooms. It's where we've met some of our longest standing clients. Although we manage large projects we still find the time to take on projects in between. Have look through these past projects to get a feel for what we call our 'Bread & Butter'.

Fancy a cuppa?

If you've got a project that you'd like to discuss, give us a call or drop us an email for a chat. The most it'll cost you is a cup of tea. Builders tea that is... Two sugars.